Friday, January 16, 2009

friday !!!

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i am extra exhausted this week. i had two observations in one week. did great on both. =) ((yay to me)).. went to the gym with Kelly yesterday...this girl is serious about her workouts.! i think i said 'i hate you' at least twice. lol.. i am so sore today. but it felt good. i might take her up on her offer to start workin on my fitness ((fergie song officially in my head now)).. came home from the gym to jamel at my house.. screaming Hiiiii Tia.! aw. i love coming home to that. then went to target with mami.. she got me a little present:

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yea. she's the pretty much the best.

it's still nice and chilly outside. taking my boots out the box tonight in preparation for this 3 day weekend.!! hmm.. what should i do.?!

list of things i'd like to do...

`go out for dinner
`shoe shopping
`hell.. shopping period
`try a new recipe
`sunday brunch

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