Friday, January 30, 2009

is it 5:00 yet.?

Friday afternoon.


after reading about it for a while now, i have finally started meditating, if you want to even call it that. i don't do any crazy stuff.. just sit there with my eyes closed in complete silence and think about... NOTHING. i smile. and only for a few minutes.. 5 at most. i know it sounds weird. trust me the first time i did it i laughed after... i know it's kinda new age-y and all but i just want to keep this positive place i'm at. it feels so good. ok.. it's not meditating. i'm taking that back. lol.. more like just taking some for myself 'vero time' where i don't think about anything. yea.. that's it. vero time.
((right now is when i wish i knew how to do that line through words i see people do on myspace lol))
anyway. i know i'm doing something right. i was running late to work twice this week and i didn't freak out. first of all, 'on time' for me means early. i'm suppose to be there at 7:30 so i like to be there at 7:20-7:25.. OCD. yes, i know. so when i say late.. i mean i got there at 7:34 one day at 7:30 on the dot on another day. but before, i would be on the verge of an anxiety attack thinking i was going to be late.. LOLOL.. not even joking. but i didn't... i just turned the radio up and thought.. 'i'll get there when i get there'

i love my internship but there is a downside... no money. :(
i used the last of my not-so-cheap make up yesterday.
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i know. i know. cry a river.
but i love it. and now i'm out.

so now i'm using my mom's bare minerals.
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it's what i used to use before i found MakeUpForever.
i wish i had a sephora gift card right about now.

it's officially 5:00... which means i can open a bottle of wine and not feel like an alchy. =)
... hasta luego.

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