Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Funday

i love sunday mornings.
sleep in. and a delicious sunday breakfast made by who other than mama dukes =)

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((this is not MY actual breakfast but close.. i was too hungry to take a pic.. i just ate it))

whole wheat english muffin
1 egg.. fried with PAM not oil
1 slice american cheese
orange and banana slices
cafe con leche (duh)

now it may not have been the eggs benedict and pancakes i so craved for a sunday brunch but just as good and less heavy on my belly.

i miss Jamel...{don't you love his name.?! later blog on the story of naming Jamel} this was suppose to be our weekend with him since my sister is working. but he's with his dad. don't get me wrong. i do enjoy sleeping in. but i have to admit i like waking up to his 28 month old morning energy. i've gotten used to his face in mine at 7:30 am waiting for me to open my eyes just so he can say 'hiiii tia.. goodmOrning' ((he puts emphasis on the O))

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old pic.. before we chopped off the curls.. but i love it nonetheless.
jamel and mama dukes.

i've been searching online for airline tickets to Spain...
wishing.. and hoping.. and praying...
they are not cheap.
but i will not be discouraged.
don't tell anybody but i kinda miss my dad.
and am anxious to play with felix.
and buy some Lois jeans. lolol.

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