Tuesday, January 13, 2009

cafe con leche & andre 3000

why am i re-obsessed with this song.?!

i leave my house before 7 am.
i'm driving for about 20 minutes to work (aka internship) everyday.
this song has been in the 7 am morning mix for the past few days.
you can't imagine how happy it makes me to hear this song. lolol i love it. mainly just andre 3000's part. 
it wakes me up and makes me start my day with a smile.
i need to put it on my ipod ASAP before they stop putting it on the mix.

while we're talking music/rappers....

not only is lil wayne writing a blog for espn.. now he's red carpet reporting. lolol
i don't know why but i think that's reallllly funny. 

cold front tonight.!!!!
i'm so excited. 
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and yes people. for Florida.. highs in the low 70s is cold.!
i have a purple coat just waiting to be worn.

7 more days people.!!!!! 

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